The Wedding Episode!

October 26th, 2012

31 Responses to “The Wedding Episode!”

  1. My eyes are burning... says:

    Those eyes. Those piercing square eyes behind the glasses. During the five (six or more) tips for a happy marriage to Mike and Sue all I could see were those EYES.

  2. DAVID CHAPA says:


  3. ron thompson says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the B cup holder.

  4. ron thomspon says:

    On the next episode of “Toddlers, Tattoos & Tiaras”

  5. BillyBoy says:

    Tammy was too nervous to remember that her younger self was rather mean spirited, and should not have trusted her when she said “You’re all ready…and don’t forget to skip down the isle like you promised!”

  6. BillyBoy says:

    “Mirror, mirror on the – HEY! My eyes are up here!”

  7. Lari says:

    Young me, worry not. All your prayers result in this glorious rack you see before you.

  8. Cher says:

    “This is the weirdest episode of Romper Room ever!”

  9. T Joyner says:

    All concerns about the wedding photographer were relieved when he said the words “topless” and “baby picture.”

  10. Eoin says:

    The mirror of Dory Anne Grey.

  11. tim R says:

    Is it just me, or does this this picture have nothing to do with the caption contest winners listed underneath it?

  12. Brian says:

    This is the last time I book the “Topless Wedding in a Haunted Cabin” package on Expedia.

  13. tamela LaFoe says:

    mirror mirror on the wall …why is my chest, still so small….STOP LAUGHING AT ME MIRROR!

  14. Liz says:

    Terri’s “inner child” popped up at the oddest times. “DON”T DO IT” her child part said. The child was talking about getting married….but Terri thought it was referring to wearing a shirt.

  15. Dena says:

    “When I get married, I’m gonna wear my Levis and no shirt. Just like my man.”

  16. Spiro says:

    Darling! I think something may be wrong with this mirror!

  17. Stanley Rumm says:

    “…Because you’re never too old to play with curtains…”

  18. Wowzer says:

    Nothing really changed from the neck down.

  19. Tim says:

    “I think you have something in your teeth.”

  20. Jennifer J says:

    Oh yes, little girl, your wildest dreams can come true!

  21. Jaime says:

    Everyone said baby face Sue was too young to get married, but she was going to show them once and for all that she was a real woman!

  22. Leo says:

    Sometimes it is best not to reflect.

  23. always daddy’s little girl

  24. Jeremy Houck says:

    YES!!!! When I grow up I will have boobies!!!!!!

  25. Rivex says:

    I get those if I drink milk?

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