The Shocker

March 13th, 2013

(submitted by Kyle)

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  1. Maria says:

    He is ridiculously patient. I would have snapped n been at the line of child abuse after the explanation. My kids know this though n wouldnt do it again after the first time. Ship them to bording school for a year. They obviously are way beyond spoiled.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I hope he still have all his fingers.
    The fan is a snappy one.
    I saw the fun in it the first two times, after that it became stupid.

  3. Justbeth says:

    Okay, does no one else think that’s Len from Dancing with the Stars?

  4. Jdog says:

    Oh people. Lighten up! I stumbled upon this while holding vigil at my sisters hospital bedside. I was laughing so hard at 4am that I had to share with sis. She was soooo sick but when I played it for her she laughed so hard! It turned the mood around! The accent, the kids, the European phrases used just made our day. So all you grumpy grumpsters, PACK IT IN!!!!!!! Ps: not fake

  5. jay says:

    dis was hella funny .. dem kids don’t have any respect for him for 1..he stupid as hell for goin back around there for a second time after the first time for 2..obvoisly they thought got a kick outta him getting shocked.. they didn’t even ask if he was ok…pop’s should smaked mr funny guy upside his head and took the keys from jump… I wont make this a racist thing but parent who don’t discipline their children have children who don’t respect them or anybody else for that matter..#stop.playin

  6. Nico says:

    I seriously hope this is fake because I cannot comprehend how the father let them get away with that awful behaviour

  7. Dr says:

    Oh My God!! They’re Really Crazy :O

  8. Kathleen says:

    What makes this fake? Are we that jaded?

  9. Becky says:

    Fake, or really dangerous. As he said, the fan belt could have caused a serious injury. I gotta say this one is a thumbs down.

  10. Linda says:

    If I or my siblings had done that we would be picking ourselves off the pavement and walking home. Bet their parents had wished they had used birth control!

  11. Gdav says:

    Actually pretty good acting by the old guy. I will give him the benefit of that as NOONE is stupid enough to trust the kid a second let alone a third time.

  12. Ruth says:

    Rotten brats. If my brother and I had EVER pulled a stunt like this, our ears would still be ringing from the smack upside the head we’d have been given after the FIRST time.

  13. Beks says:

    I didn’t find this funny or awkward. I believe those juveniles are mean bullies that need to be punished.

  14. ed-in-toledo says:


      • Elliott says:

        I have to disagree. If anyone has ever been in the situation where their car won’t start and you need to jiggle either the cables near the battery leads or another wire to get it going, you know it’s hard to do when you’ve got to run back and forth to try it.

        I think what’s going on here is that he trusted his kids to not mess around while he was trying to start it – and to realize that it was a dangerous act to mess with. That’s why he explained it so clearly.

        Fake? No. Highly stupid and asinine for these kids to do? Yes.

  15. Jessica says:

    Wow. These kids are jerks.

  16. Christi says:

    This wasn’t funny at all. Unless that dad was in on the “joke” for some inexplicable reason, how he kept so calm I’ll never understand. I’ll also never understand why he kept going back. Those kids are mean and self-absorbed. How can you keep shocking your dad? Weird. He should have fixed the car and made them walk.

  17. esackman says:

    Anybody else notice what is unusual about this car, as compared to most American cars. Notice where the steering wheel is located.

    • Pascal says:

      They are very obvioously in england (or Australia), where they drive on the left side of the road (and so the steering wheel is on the right side).

      • mcthumber says:

        We were obviously looking at a reflection in a mirror.

        • scott says:

          what i cant believe is that their is ANYBODY who doesnt know the wheel in english, australian, indian, and some asian cars are right hand drive you even see the occasional imported one here in north america or at least that they have never watched an english film or tyv show cars are

          • Dawn says:

            Exactly- I was shocked by the question and if it was on FB, I would have submitted it to Lamebook due to the mind boggling ignorance. Especially the “We were obviously looking at reflection in a mirror” comment.

  18. Lisa says:

    That is so NOT funny! I agree with George.

  19. Christine says:

    Didnt find it funny at all….in fact it was dangerous and he should have given both of them shocks the same way to see if they like it.

  20. George P says:

    I’d have taken the keys after the first time, and both kids would be grounded for at least a month.

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