10+ Gospel Family Albums From The 1970’s

You’ve heard the expression “The family that prays together, stays together.” Well, for some families, that’s not enough–they form a band together and professionally release music under a Christian record label. Thanks to our friends at Flashbak, you can check out these forgotten family gospel albums from the 1970’s.

The album covers don’t aim for much creativity. Just a straightforward photo of the family, usually in matching polyester outfits, trying to convey wholesomeness and godliness and looking super awkward while doing it.

1. Mom and Dad had to keep having kids ’til one could nail the high C.

2. What happened to the other 56/100th of the Goodmans? It can’t be good.

3. We’ve tried the Lord too. Vaguely pineapple flavored.

4. Mom’s main prayer was for birds to stop mistaking her hair for a nest.

5. Finally, an answer to the question, “What if the Partridge family toured in a Winnebago instead of a van, and also sold far fewer albums?”

6. They also come with questionable fashion sense.

7. Which Kolenda do you think is the Mick Jagger of the group?

8. They may have found happiness, but they’re still searching for the ability to look into a camera.

9. Their follow-up album is “Seriously, Holy Spirit, stop sending mail to our old address.”

10. They’re the only trio with five people in it.