10+ More Awful Library Books

We’ve covered terrible books in this space before, the kind of tomes that leave you scratching your head and wondering how they ever got published. And…here’s some more! There are uncountable terrible books out there in the world, more than we could ever possibly cover, yet always able to surprise us in their awfulness. Once again we give props to our friends at Flashbak, for giving us a gallery full objectionable titles, questionable cover art, puzzling premises, and obsessed authors. Careful not to get any paper cuts.

1. Some kids find puppets terrifying. Some kids find church confusing. Let’s make both those situations worse with a single book! Seriously, was this written by Satanists?

2. You know Sheila’s been having a dry spell when she’s willing to date a guy who lives in a cave on the beach.

3. This is what gets written when a Sci-fi author comes home from a weekend in Vegas.

4. Poor Geoffrey Prout. He seems like a sweet, innocent man, who wrote a sweet, innocent book, with a sweet, innocent title that DID NOT AGE WELL AT ALL. And now we all laugh. Life is beautiful.

5. You laugh, but religion has lost many followers to Publisher’s Clearing House. And in case you noticed that other bestselling title from Lorraine Peterson…

6. You’re welcome. She is NAILING that youth outreach.

7. I’ve read more exciting vomit bags than this.

8. I’m not going to make fun of this one. Lots of parents are pondering this question. And not just Damien’s parents.

9. I would totally read this one. After stealing it from the Austin Public Library, as is the biker’s way.

10. Follow up title: “How To Move On With Your Life After Losing Your Medical License.”

11. Oooh, when can I make a reservation?

12. Pixar, when are you optioning this one already?!