These People Just Met Their Future Selves

We all wonder what we’ll look like when we’re older, but for most of us, the best we can do is try some aging software, or just leave it to our imagination. Not so for these folks, who while out and about minding their own business, came upon a stranger who looked a LOT like their future self. There’s no glitch in the Matrix, and time travel hasn’t been invented, (that we know of), so we’ll have to chalk this one up to life being weird.

Check out the gallery of people with their eldergangers below.

1. This man’s future is going to involve a lot more khakis.

2. Hopefully Civil War beards will be fashionable by the time he’s older.

3. He’s going to have a granddaughter!

4. He now knows he’ll grow up to become a professor of Russian literature.

5. Now dad doesn’t have to shell out for that child-aging software.