15+ Awkward Metal Band Photos

Rock stars are supposed to be charismatic. The gig requires being able to a) get up in front of people and perform convincingly, b) create compelling songs that evoke emotions, c) have a sense of style your fans would want to emulate, and, of course, d) be sexy. That’s a lot of requirements, and some bands understandably fall a bit short. Today we’re celebrating metal band awkwardness. Get ready to bang your head…against the wall in disbelief that someone thought these photos were a good idea.

1.You’ll notice several recurring motifs in this gallery: big hair, vests with no shirt, and undertones of S&M.

2. More motifs: lame backgrounds, loud pants, and OVERtones of S&M.

3. So this is what Raider Nation does on the other six days of the week.

4. You thought it was impossible to make the accordion awesome? Well let this guy prove you…right.

5. This is what happens when the debate team is full.