15+ “Baby” Photos With A Burrito

Once you reach a certain age, usually late 20’s/early 30’s, you can’t go on social media without seeing friends’ baby photos. Comedians MK Paulsen and Ella Gale have found a way to poke fun at this aspect of modern life by posing for a photo shoot with a foil-wrapped burrito. These aren’t merely a bunch of badly lit iPhone pics, either–they teamed up with Austin-based photographer An Indoor Lady, and the results are as good as any real baby photo shoots you might see. The only quibble we have is that there’s only one burrito between the two of them. Who wants to share their burrito?

1. The happy family.

2. Mom gets a closer look.

3. Looks like this one’s an outtake.

4. Warning: this pose may cause neck strains.

5. The foil is nice to have so you won’t get pico on your blanket.

6. Mom & baby.

7. The only thing missing is a photo of them kissing the baby at the same time.

8. Looks like the burrito’s hungry!

9. Apparently the photographer wanted every possible combination of pose, parent, and burrito. Just like a real baby photo shoot.

10. A tender moment.

11. You can feel the love.

12. Much easier than if this were a real baby.

14. Staring contest!

15. Ah, the always important father-baby bonding moment, complete with skin-on-foil contact

16. You thought one was enough? Nope.

17. At least they’re already on a bed for the inevitable food coma.

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