15+ Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

Text messaging is just a funny medium, period. When everybody is dashing off messages as quick as possible, you’re going to wind up with some hilarious misunderstandings–and that’s when people aren’t even trying to be funny. We’ve featured funny texts between family members before, and today we’ve got them from the elder generation. From autocorrect fails to accidental overshares to intentional overshares to sick burns, we love these grandparents and want to hang out with them all.

1. We don’t judge.

2. Helpful reminder!

3. Well, he got the most important part.

4. That’s a REAL text message.

5. He comes from a long line of cannibals.

6. Grandma just turned 12.

7. The intervention

8. Walking encyclopedia

9. Keeping up with the trends

10. “One Dimension” is an oddly appropriate name for them.

11. Gotta make sure the phone works.

12. What’s the point of Christmas, then?

13. Emoji overload!

14. Impressive!

15. Subtle, grandma.

16. Still got it.


18. Who’s hungry?!

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