15 Things From The 1980’s That Wouldn’t Fly Today

Life has changed a lot since the 1980’s, it’s never more obvious than when you compare a 1980’s childhood with a 2018 childhood. Back in the 80’s, things were simpler–and by that I mean things were a whole lot more dangerous. And it wasn’t so much that we didn’t understand that these activities were unsafe, it was more like we just…didn’t really care. Today, we’ll be looking at 15 things from childhood in the 80’s, and appreciating that we made it to adulthood with all our eyes and limbs intact.

1. Toys that were also weapons.

Photo Credit: Starts At 60

2. The station wagon, aka “the rolling playground.”

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

3. A pickup truck could seat 16.

Photo Credit: Mommy Shorts

4. Peanut butter was a food, not a biohazard.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

5. Bike helmets just slowed you down.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

6. Everywhere was a trash can.

Photo Credit: Throwbacks

7. Giving babies beer was hilarious.

Photo Credit: Awkward Family Photos

8. This was your curfew.

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9. Seat belts were just a suggestion.

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10. You had to pick between smoking or non-smoking. Just kidding, everywhere was the smoking section.

Photo Credit: Restorani Beograd

11. For latchkey kids, you were your own babysitter.

Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

12. The mall was the place to be.

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13. Owning a water bed made you a cool dude, not a perv.

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14. Children could leave their homes without a means of communication in their pocket.

Photo Credit: Northeastern

15. Everyone ate gluten, and nobody lived past 30 because of it.

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h/t: Throwbacks