The 15 Worst Stocking Stuffers From When You Were a Kid

Sure, the real mother lode was located directly under the tree. But a load of something else was also awaiting you in an oversized knee-high strategically hung by the chimney with care.

1. Socks

Photo Credit: pixabay

Additional hosiery stuffed into a much larger stocking. Mrs. Claus may have been a chubby chaser, but it was the jolly old elf who clearly had a foot fetish of Rex Ryan proportions.

2. Toothbrush

Photo Credit: pixabay

We get it, Hermie the Elf — you wanted to be a dentist. Perhaps we should be grateful it was that over proctology.

3. Tylenol

Photo Credit: Ragesoss

Look, I’m seven over here. Unless you’ve confused me for a young Drew Barrymore, my odds of overdoing it with that bowl of spiked eggnog had best be slim to none.

4. Slim Jim

Photo Credit: Fend

At no point while sitting on a creepy mall Santa’s lap would you ever dare ask for a meat stick.

5. Candy cane

Photo Credit: pixabay

Suck on one of these long enough to form a point on the end of it, and you just knew a younger sibling would eventually end up getting stabbed.

6. School supplies

Photo Credit: pixabay

Nothing says, “You were on the naughty list this year,” quite like a solar-powered calculator.

7. Cough drops

Photo Credit: SA 3.0

For those kids whose parents considered tuberculosis to be public enemy #1 in regard to their anti-vaccination crusade.

8. Binaca

Photo Credit: pixabay

I just ate a container of Play-Doh. Suffice it to say, fresh breath ain’t exactly at the top of my Christmas priority list.

9. Floss

Photo Credit: pixabay

Again, Hermie — we got it.

10. Chapstick

Photo Credit: pixabay

So, you’re saying it’s my cold sores keeping me from scoring under the mistletoe…

11. Batteries

Photo Credit: pixabay

You know my Aunt Sarah’s just going to swipe these to power her Yankee swapped, vibrating snowballs.

12. Tic Tacs

Photo Credit: pixabay

See Binaca, above.

13. Band-Aids

Photo Credit: pixabay

These will come in handy once a drunk Uncle Frankie instigates yet another holiday fist fight upon referring to my mom as a “ho-ho-whore.”

14. Deodorant

Photo Credit: pixabay

Let me get this straight — a morbidly obese, unshaven 2-thousand-year-old, wearing the exact same outfit for centuries, seated downwind from nine reindeer rear ends has the freakin’ audacity to make a judgement call in regard to MY personal hygiene?

15. Zit cream

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Save all of the popping for that overabundance of leftover bubble wrap — not your big sister’s blackheads.


And with that, we wish each and every one of you a Happy Holiday season…from our awkward family, to yours!