20 Families Making Thanksgiving Awkward

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving again. Every year around this time, families all across the United States cross great distances, brave storms and crowded airports, and spend hours slaving in hot kitchens, just to achieve one single, beautiful goal: making each other very, very uncomfortable. And every year, we at Awkward Family Photos give thanks to all of you out there, for showing us just what you have to deal with. Join us as we examine 20(!) of the greatest and most awkward Thanksgiving photos of all time…

1. No Thanks


2. The Angler

3. The Kid’s Table


4. Thanksgiving Ham


5. Death Stare


6. Giving Thanks

7. Table Manners

8. Smoked Turkey



9. The Pageant

10. Tryptofans

11. The Company We Keep

12. Pilgrim’s Pride

13. Before They Were Ready

14. Thanks For Nothing

15. Little Turkey Boy

16. Indian Style

17. The Bird

18. Not Thankful

19. The Bird 2

20. The Good Life



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