There’s A Tinder For Baby Names And It’s Tons Of Fun Even If You Aren’t Expecting

If you’ve ever had kids, or if you’re pregnant right now, you know that trying to pick out a name for your baby can be one of the hardest decisions in the world (at the moment).
Not only do you want to pick something unique and different, you also want it to be a name that won’t cause your child to be the butt of every joke in school. For a while, I thought my mom did pretty well with naming me “Alexa,” up until Amazon decided to capitalize on it and now, every introduction I make to anyone in the world is followed up with an “Alexa, what’s the weather” joke.

Like many parents do when expecting, many couples go to libraries or bookstores and purchase these over-priced, huge, bulky books filled with baby names based on gender, religion, region, and just about everything else you can imagine. But, what if there was an interactive app that you and your partner could use to pick out your child’s name? Kind of like…Tinder? Well, you’re pretty much in luck because now, there’s Kinder.

At first glance, I was like–”wow, this is where we are,” and immediately sent the app to my best friend (neither of us is pregnant or expecting to be anytime soon, but are the type of crazy women who will find pure enjoyment out of choosing our children’s names way before we’re even married). Her response?

To take tinder, an app that prob put that baby in you, and then full circle to Kinder helping you name the baby Tinder made.


The app is just like Tinder, but for baby names–which is genius. Essentially, you download the free app and you enter your last name and choose the sex of your future child. If you don’t know, it’s totally okay, because the app will give you names that are unisex–even better.

You’re able to choose from dozens of languages, dialects, and even interests in terms of what “names” you’re looking for.

They even have a section in which you can select Pokémon and Lord of the Rings.

When you make your preferences, you essentially get a screen in which you can “swipe” on names you like or dislike.

The best part is, you and your partner can both use the app and connect which names you both choose in the “matches” section of the app. This, clearly, makes every argument virtual and less “screaming at each other in bed while flipping through dusty books we bought for $50+.”

And, while you can scroll through adorable, unique, and pretty amazing names–there are those categories that I thought were questionable…yes, I’m talking the Lord of the Rings and Pokémon categories. So, I tried them out. And, I’m pretty sure these names provided the best laugh I’ve had all day.







So, I probably won’t name my kid after a Pokémon character, but, when I eventually do decide to procreate, you bet your a** I’ll be forcing my husband to sign up for Kinder–just so I can rip on his choice in baby names. Here’s to hoping he’s not a huge LOTR fan.