30 Bumptastic Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

To any pregnant ladies out there who actually put in the time and effort to create a Halloween costume— I salute you. Seeing as I’m the type of person who is startled every year of my existence that it’s already HalloweenI generally throw together something lickety-split and this is how I’ve end up a cat for the last decade.

But then again, I don’t have a built-in, uh, prop, if you will. That’s what I’m calling the baby bumps in the following costumes. Let’s give it up for the ladies who manage to slay Halloween while carrying another human around in their bodies.

30. Mike Wazowski:


29. The Golden Snitch:


28. BB-8:


27. A Golf Ball:


26. A Minion ?


25. Jon Snow Jr.:


24. A beer belly:


23. Kanga and Roo:


22. A gum-ball machine:


21. The Avocado Pit; A classic:


20. My Hero:


19. Fortune Teller & Crystal Ball:


18. Cat & Ball Of Yarn:


17. Imprisoned baby:


16. Farmer & Pumpkin:




14. A Basketball:


13. Juno & Bleeker:


12. Kool-Aid Man:


11. Sunny-Side Up Egg:



10. An M&M:


9. Carl From Aqua Teen Hunger Force:


8. Domino’s™ Stuffed Crust Pizza:




6. All The Things:


5. A Disco Ball ?


4. A Baby Bird In His Egg:


3. Jack The Pumpkin King:


2. Family Under Construction:


1. Preggo (Prego! Get It?) Sauce Jar: