10+ Ads With People Getting Way Too Excited About Computers

Have you ever seen anyone so excited as the people in these early computer ads? You have not. In the 70’s and 80’s, when new tech gadgets entered the marketplace, the world was thrilled. And sure enough, the advertising industry went overboard depicting that enthusiasm. Check out this gallery of people freaking out over early computers, via our friends at Flashbak.

You’d think they just heard the iPhone 7 was announced.

1. Weekly Family Reader Software

2. PLATO Educational Software

3. American People Link

4. (Left) Creative Computing magazine; (Right) Intellivision – 1982

5. The Laser 128

6. The Micronet 800

7. Jack Charlton’s Match Fishing

8. Radio Shack Computer Catalog

9. (Left) Compute!’s Gazette; (Right) Compute!

10. The Music Maker

11. and finally, Atari