9 Gross Things That Stop Being Gross When You’re in Love

When we first start seeing someone new, there’s always a certain image we manage to keep up. But once you reach a point of comfort, all of your walls are knocked down – and you realize that can (and should) do just about anything in front of your SO:

1. Poop. Poop is definitely part of the norm.

Whether it’s a nice, regular poop, or an emergency my ass is about to blow up kind of shit, you partner knows about it. And, closing the door to pee was over a long time ago.

In fact, sometimes you may even give him a little love pinch on the butt when you walk in on him peeing. He won’t get mad at you when you spread your legs in the shower and pee – I mean, there’s running water so it’s not that gross, right?

2. And there’s no such thing as a private shower anymore.

The shower used to be a place where you could pick your nose alone. Now, the shower is just another place where you two are together.

Sure, on occasion, the shower is sexy and you get frisky, but sometimes it’s really just about getting in, cleaning, and getting out; he’s seen you scrub your butt, get shampoo in your eyes, and shave your armpits.

3. Shaving or not shaving really isn’t a big deal.

Manscaping is always appreciated, am I right, ladies? But, look, it’s understandable that shaving balls isn’t exactly the easiest task, and yes, you will help him. You’ve spent a fair amount of time down there anyways, so it’s not like you’re seeing anything new here.

At the same time, your guy lets it slide when you don’t shave your legs or your ladyparts every single day. It’s hard to keep up sometimes – especially in the winter months.

4. Sharing is caring, amiright?

Your guy somehow misplaced his toothbrush and asks to borrow yours. The idea of it does kinda gross you out, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I mean, you two swap spit when you kiss.

If you open a candy just to find that you absolutely hate it: hey, you could throw it out, but your man will just open his mouth and let you drop it in there.

5. You’re always naked together. Like always. All the time. Au natural.

You know the ins and outs of each other’s bodies; you’ve explored, touched, looked, and felt almost every inch. Being naked has just become part of the norm.

Plus, clothes are totally overrated. You like to be naked as often as you can.

6. Which means you can’t be shy about your period.

He knows when you’re on your period and it no longer phases him. He doesn’t find it disgusting in the least bit.

In fact, he’ll pull out your tampon himself and have sex with you right then and there.

7. You know exactly what your partner’s face looks like when he/she orgasms.

This is a pretty intimate and personal thing about a person. And, admit it, everyone’s got a different face when they lose all control and feel good.

You two already know the face, and there’s no need to even ask if he/she finished.

8. You pop each other’s pimples…

This weird, disgusting, and strange hobby has made it’s way into the bathroom that you two share. The blackhead or pimple on his shoulder is screaming at you to pop it, and when he tells you to stop…

Your only argument is that he can’t reach it anyways.

9. And you don’t get grossed out when he wipes his snot on your shirt.

This is a touchy one: most men won’t cry in front of other people. But when a man lets you see a tear fall from his eye, he’s at his most vulnerable – and it somehow melts your heart everytime, doesn’t it?

As much as you want to take away his pain, you also just want to thank him for trusting you enough to be this raw, this honest, and this comfortable with you.

And that’s when you know he’s a keeper.