Woman Creates An Exit Survey… For Dating

Dating is hard, because there’s so much confusion about what why it’s working or not. You think you’re getting along great, and then someone ghosts. You tell somebody you need space, and they blow up your phone with texts. Even if you’re both trying really hard, it sometimes feels like you’re never on the same page. Wouldn’t it be great if we could analyze exactly why things went wrong? You can cry with your friends over a pint of ice cream and break down every Instagram like and casual comment OR you can just….ask.

This revelatory concept has gone viral on Twitter after comedian @abbygov, or Abby, shared a screenshot of her friend Katie’s post date interview. According to Abby, Katie sends this Google form to everyone she dates or even casually hooks up with as a way to assess where her game needs improvement. Frankly, It’s genius.

The questions are extremely direct, getting to the hard-hitting stuff like, “What is wrong with you?”

She also asks her dates to explain what is “wrong with Katie,” and I bet a bunch of them say,”This survey.” But that’s why it didn’t work out—if you don’t get what’s so great about this survey, you don’t get what’s so great about Katie. You don’t deserve her!

I also appreciate that Katie is fishing for more numbers and keeping her Little Black Book updated. People don’t really have little black books anymore, but that used to be like a sex Rolodex. A Rolodex is a collection of cards with numbers on them for when you need to call people. Calling is what we used phones for before texting. Okay, now back to Katie.

Folks are loving this idea. It’s exactly what they need to make sense of why they’re still single:

Hmm, maybe that’s sarcastic, but I still agree with it. Think how much time you could save if instead of thinking, “Oh they didn’t like me because the timing wasn’t right, but maybe on a full moon in two years!” you’d see in hard black and white that they just don’t like your teeth or something. Much easier to move on from that! Everyone’s getting ideas:

And some people are very confused about why Katie is still single. They’re in love:

Katie, I hope you find the person who deserves you. Maybe start doing a survey at the start of the relationship to see if it’s even worth acquiring the data, though.