Artist Uses Sticky Notes To Poke Fun At Adult Life

Almost nobody is any good at navigating adulthood, whether it’s paying the bills, using Tinder, or even the simple stuff like not being a complete and utter slob. But writer and illustrator Chaz Hutton can help us all laugh at our failures with his series of satirical sketches, ingeniously drawn on sticky notes–part of the fun is admiring the skill required to get the text and images on such a small space.

Hutton says the wisdom in his drawings is hard-earned. He previously worked as an architect before moving from Melbourne, Australia, to London, in what he says was an attempt to put off life’s responsibilities. If that’s the case, it looks like he’s got things pretty well figured out. After his friends convinced him to post his drawings on Instagram, they promptly went viral and he collected them in a book.

If you struggle with adulting, we encourage you to draw a bath, grab a cupcake, and check out the gallery below.

1. It’s true. No one food item manages to hit the Magic Dietary Trifecta.

2. Whatever you do, you lose!

3. The danger that lurks within Instagram.

4. Being a productive member of society is overrated.

5. Hey, just getting a to-do list written is an accomplishment unto itself.

6. It’s important to know where all the major landmarks are.

7. Even Neil DeGrasse Tyson can’t fold a fitted sheet.