15+ Awkward Men’s Fashion Ads From The 70’s

If you want to relate to people who lived in a different time than you, probably the worst thing you can do is look at the clothes they wore. And nothing makes us go, “What were they thinking?!” quite like the cl0thing of the 1970’s. Bell bottoms and platform shoes. Wide collars and scarves. Loud patterns, and fabrics that will last longer than styrofoam. It all looks so different from what most of us wear today, and it usually doesn’t look comfortable–even in men’s clothing ads, which were purportedly trying to entice people into buying the clothes!

Today, thanks to Sad and Useless, we’ve got a gallery of the oddest men’s fashion ads from the 1970’s. It’s recommended you only view a few of these at a time to avoid Funkiness Overload.

1. When’s the belted sweater making a comeback?

2. Seriously, fashion industry, are you reading this?

3. Hey, it’s a visit from the ghosts of Disco Past, Present, and Future!

4. Be careful: the sexiness in this ad exceeds all safety regulations.

5. A mustache like this should require a permit.

6. Buy these unitards for you and a friend, and then arm wrestle over who wears which one!

7. Unfortunately, if you’re a biker and anti-leather, this is all that’s available to you.

8. Presenting: three rejected gangs from The Warriors.

9. Even the tiger pelt felt awkward being in this photo.

10. “I’d like a collared shirt that will also get me arrested.”

11. Taken moments before they attacked Bruce Lee one at a time.

12.  During the Nixon-era gas crisis, an alternate energy source was the friction created by this man’s thighs.

13. If you buy these outfits, you’ll be so busy checking yourself out you won’t play any racquetball.

14. When you wear these pants, every day is your birthday.

15. Gentleman #2 can’t decide whether to serve the fondue at the beginning or the end of the key party.

16. From the “Outfits that will make your kids want emancipation” collection.

17. Bell bottoms are available in “pinstripe,” “cream,” “robin’s egg,” and “nightmare.”

18. “No, I said I wanted a rose colored shirt!”

19. Now you can dress exactly like the Bulgarian men’s gymnastics team.

20. These outfits are a favorite of Mets pitcher Tom Seaver and his three clones.

21. The man in the middle is a time traveler, which explains his outfit. The other two have no excuses.

22. Hey, narcoleptics need sweaters, too.

23. Why limit underwear chafing to your nether regions when you can have it all over your body?

24. He’s got the blueprints to your heart.

25. Watch out for those updrafts, fellas.