Bathtime Blues

Anyone who’s given a kid a bath knows it can be a handful–especially when more than one kid is involved. But thanks to one Imgur user who shared a series of text messages from their partner, we may have found the most epic bathtime mess story of all time. Presented with the simple caption “This happened while I was at work,” this story will have you reaching for your Hazmat suit.

Be warned: if you’re not fond of gross-out stories, TURN BACK NOW.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Phew. That was pretty brutal, but nothing unusual if you’re a parent. Think that’s the end of it? NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Photo Credit: Imgur

You had to know the second kid would get in on the act. But just as Mom gets the situation under control, the situation spreads to the rest of the house…

Photo Credit: Imgur

We feel your pain, Imgur Mom. But, now that you have the story written down, you can totally save it for when the kids’ are old enough to bring a date home.


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