Bride Threatens Bridesmaids With Forced Lie Detector Test After One Leaked Her Outrageous Demands

When it comes to weddings and demands, most brides expect a lot from their friends and family. It’s no secret that women want their special days to be “perfect,” and almost always that means spending a lot of money. But, recently, one bride went viral online for her outrageous list of demands she gave all of her wedding guests.

The original post was put on her Facebook page and outlined a very specific request for outfits from all the guests. The wedding, which is “a year away in Hawaii,” broke down what each guest should wear according to their gender, age, and weight. Additionally, the bride said her guests should plan to spend $1,000+ for their outfits (not even considering the trip itself and the wedding gift).

After many people who saw the post screenshotted and reshared it online—trolling and shaming her—the bride went back to social media to respond to all the negative vibes being thrown her way. Not only did she shame “whoever it was who posted it again,” but, she also said she was going to have all her friends and family over for a “Polygraph Party.” Yes, that’s right, she wanted to have people over to take a lie detector test just to find out who reposted her original attire request. Talk about insanity.

After her long-winded explanation and more yelling, more people on Reddit were honest.

She’s just a gift that keeps on giving.

Meanwhile I would certainly trust a $100 lie detector bought off Amazon. /s

I hope it reads like everyone is lying. Even her husband.


Damn, she really suffers from a bad case of god complex


Haha. Spiritual healers. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.


Anyone over 160 pounds represents the devil that she wants to get rid of… I’m sure they feel super welcomed at her wedding!!


I have to agree—I’ve seen crazy brides, but this…this is insanity.