Cartoonist Hilariously Illustrates The Unglamorous Side Of Parenting

When Lucy Scott, an illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland, gave birth to a son in 2012, she found the experience to be an unending source of creative inspiration. She began drawing cartoons that spoke honestly about how exhausting and challenging parenting is for the moms (and dads). She soon had so many that the collection was published in the 2015 book, Doodle Diary of a New Mom: An Illustrated Journey Through Mommy’s First Year. If you’ve got kids of any age, check out this gallery, preferably with the accompaniment of a stiff drink.

1. Just out of reach.

2. Victory!

3. Disaster area.

4. It’s starting already.

5. Separation anxiety

6. The pack mule

7. Wiped

8. It’s a gas

9. Don’t focus on that, husband.

10. On the edge

11. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.

12. Strap in

13. White-knuckler

14. Party time