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You Can Now Buy A Designer Penis Necklace

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Ken Doll Gets A Makeover

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Moms Who Hilariously Misunderstood ‘Half-Up Half-Down’ Hair Style

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Theater Hands Out Sexist Gift Bags At Women-Only Screening Of ‘Wonder Woman’

There are ideas that are clever and interesting. There are marketing concepts that are well-thought out and not gross or sexist or insufferably dumb. Then, there’s this. The...

Russian Couple Gets Married…With A Bear. Seriously.

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Married…With Zombies

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When Horror Fans Get Engaged

In recent years, couples have been getting more and more creative with their engagement photoshoots. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment, so why celebrate it the way every other couple does? So the thinking goes.

But Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden of Toronto couple went above and beyond with their engagement shoot, with a theme most people wouldn’t think is romantic: the Friday the 13th slasher movie series.

“You could say we have a flair for the dramatic,” Lawson told Yahoo Shine.“We have an insane collection of horror films at home — I guess it’s a bond that we share.”

The horror-loving couple took to the woods along with photographer Brandon Gray–and an actual Jason Voorhees in a hockey mask. The photoshoot quickly turned into a full-on blood fest, and Vanessa and Jason couldn’t be happier.

1. Meet the happy couple.

2. This isn’t going to end well.

3. Nice attention to detail!

4. Uh oh.

5. Here comes the machete!

6. Run!

7. Josh didn’t make it. We’re already down to The Final Girl.

8. You can’t hide from Jason.

9. The coup de grace.

10. Gotta show off the bling.

h/t: Yahoo Shine