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Grandma Not Included

Here at Awkward Family Photos, Grandmas can do no wrong. So, when 86-year-old Floridian, Yolie Ball, decided to sell her house and get a little creative with her online listing...

Penicidal Tendoncies

When Mom, Beth Woolsey, the author of Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids asked her twin boys to guest post a blog by picking an important topic, this is what they came back...

Puerto Rico Blues

He won a trip to Puerto Rico, his wife couldn’t go, and he had no fun. At least that’s what he wants her to believe. Read More

17 Kids Who Picked the Wrong Shirt

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Stock Photo Man

Face it–  stock photos were asking for it. Read More

World’s Best Father

Photographer Dave Engledow has been taking photos of his daughter Alice Bee since she was born in 2010. He refers to himself as World’s Greatest Dad. Read More

7 Killer Epitaphs

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8 Wild & Crazy Kids

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18 Splash Mountain Masterpieces

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25 Cats Sleeping Awkwardly

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