Come Play With Us

Any time a couple finds out they’re going to have children, their future opens up with possibilities. And sometimes those possibilities involve terrifying unsuspecting hotel guests.

When Martin Hughes found out his wife was going to have identical twin girls, he immediately thought of The Shining–specifically the spooky twin girls that have been menacing people’s nightmares for decades.

After the girls were born, Martin knew it would be only a few years until he could deploy his daughters for the prank of his dreams. “As they’ve gotten older and we can travel and stay in hotels, it was a given that I’d get them to stand holding hands in the hallway for a joke,” Martin told Buzzfeed.

Once they reached the age of four, and the family was looking forward to a hotel stay in London, Martin knew it was time. Here’s what his daughters look like now:

But put them in a hotel hallway and teach them to say “Come play with us” in unison and you have pure terror:

They might not have the dresses, but they nail the creepiness

Terror, or at least mild surprise. A couple hotel guests were reportedly startled. “They’re too young to leave there to spook people directly but when we’ve had them do the pose then stood back and someone’s turned the corner they’ve gasped and gone a little green — ‘Oh god!’” Hughes said.

Also, the girls don’t really get it but “like doing it,” Hughes added.

We’ll update you if Martin’s daughters strike again, or if Martin decides to up the ante himself and attack a hotel cook with a fire axe.

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