Couple Finds Humor In Heartbreak With “Infertility Announcements”

The struggle to conceive is all too real, and when Spencer and Whitney Blake found out they could not have children, they were devastated. But while processing their feelings, they came up with a way to add some levity to their situation: “infertility announcements.”

The idea came about after seeing so many people post creative pregnancy announcements on social media. (Something we’ve covered extensively.) Feeling left out, Spencer and Whitney decided to turn common pregnancy announcement tropes on their head. The result is funny, and honest. After posting their infertility announcements online, the couple received emails from people around the world, thanking them for helping to cope with their own fertility struggles.

You can check out their infertility announcements below:

1. Spencer and Whitney began by creating a standard pregnancy announcement, like “The bun in the oven.”

2. And then they made the “infertility” version:

3. “Movie poster”, pregnancy version:

4. “Movie poster”, infertility version:

5. “Scrabble”, pregnancy version:

6. “Scrabble”, infertility version:

7. “She’s gonna pop!”, pregnancy version:

8. “She’s gonna pop!”, infertility version:

9. “Bump ahead”, pregnancy version:

10. “Bump ahead”, infertility version:

Good news is Spencer and Whitney eventually became parents. A few years after their project, they adopted two boys.

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