Dad Illustrates Things Said by (and to) His Two-Year-Old

Toddlers have a knack for saying the unexpected. As they begin to figure out language, sometimes the things they say can verge on poetry. Parents everywhere enjoy their kids’ weird sayings, but illustrator and father of a two-year-old Martin Bruckner brings them to life with a series of bizarre and often funny drawings. You can check them out here and on Bruckner’s Facebook page, Spaghetti Toes, which was inspired after overhearing his wife tell his daughter not to put spaghetti between her toes. (Who hasn’t wanted to do that?)

1. A reminder to never eat Darth Vader.

2. Good question!

3. It’s a real whodunit.

4. You’ve heard of granny panties.

5. It’s good to be the princess