Dad Recreates Daughter’s Modeling Photoshoot

As we’ve established here several times, being a parent means being obligated to mess with your children. Last fall, high school senior Kendel Devarco won an all-expenses-paid modeling shoot at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas, and she proceeded to take a series of photos that would make any Instagrammer jealous. Then, when her father Vince happened to be staying at the same resort on a business trip, he had no choice but to recreate the whole thing.

Kendel tweeted Vince’s photos and got over 4,500 retweets.

Ever the good sport, Kendel says she wasn’t surprised, as her parents are always doing “crazy things.” She even admits her Dad looks better than she does. We’ll let you be the judge:

1. He might not have been able to pull off the reflection like she does, but he does have a cargo pants advantage.

2. The cleaning staff has a bone to pick with this entire family.

3. He couldn’t find the exact same pool furniture, but we’ll give him a pass.

Well done, Vince! You’re a hero to parents everywhere.

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