Dad With Four Daughters Takes Twitter By Storm

Being a parent is a tough job, but it helps to keep a sense of humor. That’s where James Breakwell comes in. The comedy writer and father of four is the author of the @XplodingUnicorns account. There, Breakwell chronicles the day-to-day difficulties of being a husband and father, often in the form of conversations he has with them. It’s pretty obvious right away that the wife and kids are just as funny as he is, but in the end, we all win.

1. The human napkin.

2. Lost cause.

3. Economics 101.

4. Who does?

5. Girls do mature faster than boys.

6. Dad can relax. For now.

7. Butt warmer.

8. Breaking Bad Jr.

9. Tooth fairy scam.

10. The Tooth Fairy is a little light right now…

11. The burden of rule.

12. TMI

13. The paleontologist

14. The birds and the regrets.

15. Close enough.

16. Small victory.

17. Do me a solid, Lord.

18. Switcheroo.

19. Five minute rule.

20. Theology

21. Growing pains.

22. Cheeto coma.

23. Father of the year.

24. Together everyone achieves more.

25. Dad burn.

26. Who needs real emotions when you’ve got emojis?

27. She’ll get that one when she’s older.

28. What women want.