Dad Reimagines Fatherhood With Hilarious Photoshops Of His Baby Son

Photoshop is an amazing software program. It lets us do almost anything, from graphic design, to altering and exaggerating photos for comedic effect, to fixing people’s family photos before they can be published on a certain website. Andreas Miezans, a father from Norway, has found a way to combine Photoshop and fatherhood in a series that adds a funny, whimsical spin to daily moments with his baby, Oscar. Andreas’s original intent was to avoid taking normal baby photos, and he’s definitely succeeded.

Don’t worry: all of these images have been altered for your enjoyment.

1. Baby aerobics

2. Fill ‘er up.

3. You can never have too much lighter fluid.

4. Gooooooooal!

5. Dad the Magnificent.

6. Spa day

7. Who needs a car seat?

8. His 100 meters time could use some improvement.

9. Might be a little young for the teeter totter.

10. Missed a spot.

11. You got this, Oscar? Good.

12. Let’s take Daddy to the hospital.

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