Grandpa’s Birthday Blowouts

A birthday is always a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care about them, no matter how old they are. After the recent passing of his grandfather, at the age of 102 (!), Reddit user Kittynana decided to share photos from his grandfather’s past six birthday. Each year, starting with birthday #97, Kittynana and his family picked a theme to celebrate Grandpa’s big day, and went all-out to make it a special one. Each theme involves one of Grandpa’s interests, from sports to heritage to his favorite TV show, and it looks like Grandpa had a blast. We should all be so lucky to get birthday celebrations as fun as this.

1. Birthday 97: Cowboy

2. Birthday 98: Football

3. Birthday 99: German restaurant

Grandpa was the head chef:

4. Birthday 100: Boxing

5. Birthday 101: Kojak

Grandpa himself got to be Kojak that day:

6. Birthday 102: The Minnesota Twins

This birthday included a customized jersey:

AND Grandpa photoshopped into pictures of the Twins:

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