Happy Birthday With Poop

Here at AFP we’ve seen plenty of unusual birthday themes over the years. But this one takes the cake: a poop-themed birthday party.

Rebecca is a mother of two from St. Louis, Missouri, and her oldest daughter Audrey requested the fecal festivities. “For months, every time we mentioned her party, Audrey requested ‘poop balloons and a poop cake,’” Rebecca told The Huffington Post. “I tried suggesting other themes, but she always insisted on poop.”

Rather than fight a losing battle, Rebecca and her husband decided to “embrace the weird” and give Audrey the party she wanted. Rebecca was understandably concerned with how people would react to the news, but when she told the grandparents, they all laughed.

Thanks to the popularity of the poop emoji these days, it wasn’t too difficult to design a poop-themed birthday party. And lucky for us, Rebecca took plenty of photos of the party and its poop-related activities:

1. Pin the poop on the potty.

2. Poop piñata, filled with Tootsie Rolls and Hershey’s Kisses

3. Poop cookies and poop cake, which we assume was chocolate-flavor

4. And whoopee cushion party favors

The party was a huge success, and Rebecca is glad she went for it. Looking back on it, she feels the party is a perfect reflection of Audrey’s sense of humor and individuality.

We’d definitely agree. And we’d like to wish Audrey a belated happy birthday:


(via The Huffington Post)