Instagram Page Compiles Hilarious Photos Of Kids Making Messes

Parents will tell you that the love they have for their children is the strongest feeling imaginable. But that doesn’t mean parenting is without lots of frustration along the way. In that spirit, the Instagram page Kids Are The Worst chronicles the epic, hilarious, and weirdly impressive messes children can get into–and that can leave Moms and Dads collapsed in a puddle of their own tears. The page has amassed over 280k followers, so clearly lots of parents can relate to these less-than-glamorous moments. Feel free to have a laugh at the ensuing destruction, but don’t forget KATW’s important reminder that once, all of us were the worst, too.

1. Floor sugar is the best sugar.

2. Who knew icing exfoliates?

3. It took hours to put together, and seconds to demolish.

4. Would you like parmesan, or shoe?

5. Peanut butter chic

6. Why stop at just one?

7. It was time for a haircut anyway.

8. Nailed it.

9. Thanks for the fancy markers, Mom!

10. Introducing Princess Mullet. Disney, are you listening?

11. He knows what he did.

12. Pro tip: when you have kids, also get about 50 replacement remotes.

(via The Daily Mail)