Introducing The “Dating Resume”

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done to get a date? Unless you’ve created a professional resume detailing all the ways you’re a catch, like this Michigan State student did, you’ve got a ways to go.

(Yes, this is a competition. Looks like you’re losing.)

The story begins last week. With MSU’s school formal coming up, junior Ashley Harrington was concerned her roommate didn’t have a date. She went on Facebook and posted an open call for a date for her roommate. The post itself is a gem:

We all had a few friends in college who took their studies more seriously than their social life, and it sounds like Ashley was doing her roomie a solid.

Enter the hero of this story, 21-year-old junior Joey Adams. A friend initially saw the post and tagged Joey, and Joey eagerly responded to the call to action:

Before we delve into the resume, we have so many questions. From the time stamps it looks like he replied with his resume just minutes after the initial post. Did he have the resume already made, and was he just waiting for the right opportunity to use it? Or did he whip it together in such a short time? And where did he get the idea to do this in the first place???

OK, now let’s take a look at the larger version:

Some highlights:

-Points for being honest about who he is. He notes his love of puppies, his tendency to cry during Marley and Me, his “dad-like” behavior in public, and the time he spends Facetiming with his mom.

-He’s clear about what he wants: he’s not after a hookup (he doesn’t have Tinder), but a meaningful connection.

-He’s even got a bit of a sense of humor on him, making light of the fact his job title is “Lubricants Consultant.”

Unfortunately, the original roommate never responded to him. But the story has a happy ending. Fellow MSU student Simone Campbell saw the resume, and Tweeted it, and the story has gone viral. Young women began reaching out to Joey for dates:


All in all it looks like Joey’s got a great dating attitude

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