15 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by the ’80s

Are you still trying to scrape up a Halloween costume idea? Don’t run to the store to wade through leftover rejects and stock basics like vampires. Rock a good throwback!

Take a chance and pay homage to your favorite ‘80s memory with a costume that will make others wish they stepped up their Halloween game. You’ve got a lot of material to work with from the decade that brought us Teen Wolf, G.L.O.W., and slouch socks.

To kick-start your inspiration, here’s a lineup of people who nailed their Halloween looks with ‘80s flavor. There’s something for everyone whether you are part of a group, coupled up, a kid, or a solo act. Whatever you decide on, be sure to take pictures!

This simple but realistic-looking Rubik’s cube costume was made using a cardboard box, some poster board, and black duct tape. Go ahead, you know you want to try this one!

This version of Jack Torrance from The Shining doesn’t require much. An ax, a piece of “wood”, and a menacing grimace are all you need!

If you appreciate The Lost Boys, then this here is some vampire style that goes against the classic grain. Young or old, we’re with it.

Gather your friends together to go as a gang of Pillow People where you’ll either be the hit of the Halloween Party or the bane of frightened children. If you can’t become the plushy version, feel free to get creative with poster board, felt, and some paint.

Be a boss like this guy by killing it as Pee Wee Herman. And don’t forget, you MUST play Tequila and do the dance!

DeLorean or not, no one will be disappointed when they see Marty McFly walk into a room. Jeans? Check. Vest? Check. Extra points if you can find some red and white Nike Bruins, but some Cortez or Dunks will do.

Get the band back together with this Jem and the Holograms ensemble. If you have a large group of friends to make things merrier, line up the Misfits too!

Gizmo and Stripe together? This cute and cool sibling costume idea is sure to double the trick-or-treating haul.

This duo went all in with some blue body paint, but if you’re thinking about replicating it, you can do it with just a blue shirt and pants.

Punky Brewster influenced the fashion choices of many little girls in her heyday. Bring it back like this lady with colorful mismatched shoes, shirts, and jackets. You don’t have to match but do make sure to get your pigtails right!

You can crush it in this costume just like you crushed it for your school pictures back in the day. Fake lasers and all.

Ah, memories of Hungry Hungry Hippo! This is actually quite genius and is perfect for couples, sibs, or groups.

Who doesn’t remember aerobics gear from the ’80s? Let’s get physical with a colorful leotard, tights, and of course, legwarmers!

Imagine bumping into this dude on the street. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetl . . .You too can pull off this look without the signature striped suit by going with one of his other charming outfits.

Believe it or not, lots of parents transform their kiddos into Chucky for Halloween. Like this pic, it’s adorably creepy. If you want to go that route (kid-size or grownup size), go the extra mile by dressing up as his bride too.