Man’s Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Requires Guts, Patience

We all want to get ahead in life. Some of us are content to work hard and save our money. Others of us feel the pull to become the next Bill Gates, so we come up with a genius idea and then go on Shark Tank to get humiliated by Mark Cuban.

This guy falls into the latter category. We don’t know his name or where he’s from. All we know is, during a trip to Wal-Mart, he saw an opportunity. The letter “P” in the “Pharmacy” sign had come loose and was dangling precariously over the parking lot. If the letter were to fall and hit someone, Wal-Mart could be liable for a big-time injury settlement. So, our hero decided to position himself under the sign, and…wait for it to fall. When this photo was taken, he’d been waiting four hours. He might still be waiting there right now.

We’re not here to judge, but, we do have a couple notes…

-Maybe don’t stand directly under the letter? A head injury might make it difficult to enjoy your settlement.

-Couldn’t you throw a couple rocks up there to speed things along? Just make sure nobody sees you do it.

-Most of all, if you’re gonna pull off a scheme like this, maybe don’t take a picture of yourself that goes viral?

In any case, it’s nice to see the American entrepreneurial spirit is still strong.

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