In-Laws Confessed When They Knew Their Kids’ Marriage Was Doomed

The day your child (or any family member) walks down the aisle is a happy one–or, at least it’s supposed to be. With so many marriages ending in a split, it’s no surprise that the families could see the warning signs from the outset. When relatives of doomed couples were asked in a recent Reddit thread if they could spot any of these warning signs, they dished. These aren’t mere gut feelings that their loved one was making a mistake; these are big, bright red flags flapping in the wind, with a loudspeaker blaring “THIS IS A RED FLAG” next to them, obvious to everyone BUT the newlyweds. Enjoy the gallery below.

1. Sisterly advice

2. Caught on camera

3. A thorny issue

4. You’ve got mail

5. Instant regret

6. Photo opportunist

7. Walter White

8. Accustomed to a certain lifestyle

9. The marine biologist

10. Wishful thinking

11. A sign from above

12. This one’s pretty obvious

13. The charmer

14. Maury

15. And finally, one happy ending.