Mom Poses Napping Twins In Whimsical Scenes

When the kids go down for a nap, it’s often a chance for Mom and Dad to catch a breather. But for Japanese photographer and mother of twins Ayumi Omori, it’s time to get to work. For the past year, she’s been designing fantastical dreamscapes around her sleeping children and then photographing them for her Instagram account. Omori waits for the kids to go under and then, based on their natural sleeping poses, comes up with a dream idea and uses various fabrics to make it happen. The dreamscapes range from typical kid scenes like playing in the backyard, to run-ins with Muppets and other kid-friendly pop culture characters. (Somehow without waking up either kid. They must be the heaviest sleepers in the world.)

Check out this gallery of Omori’s creations below.


1. Ghost Bustin’

2. DJ-in’

3. Street Fighter!

4. Meeting Kermit (who seems to have run out of patience)

5. Lightbulb

6. Boxing

7. Hanging Over A Cliff

8. Two Lilos & Stitch

9. Driver’s License

10. Pirates

11. Jaws

12. Going For The Gold

13. Dragon Ball Z

14. Ponyo

15. Google

16. Street Fighter, Take 2

17. Recycling

18. Cooking

19. Sneaking Candy

20. Alarm Clock

21. Monsters, Inc. 

22. Some kind of angel? 

23. Chip & Dale

24. From Omami: “This theme is ‘Stairway to adults.’ My daughter can not be seen because she go alone rapidly. My son will come rolling down immediately!”