15+ Odd And Overly Specific 20th Century Non-Fiction Books

Our friends at Flashbak have struck again, this time combing the nation’s libraries and compiling a list of the weirdest non-fiction they could find. The tomes range from obscure hobbies to technical manuals to political manifestos to just plain bizarre. We’re left wondering who would possibly think to write these books, who would publish them, and who would ever check them out of the library. It turns out there really is a book for everything.

1. U2 Can Be a Fake Recorder Player

2 & 3. CB for ChristiansHawaii on 10 Cents a Day (1970-71 Edition)

4. Bridge Conventions

5 & 6. Rust & Rot and What to Do About Them; United States Stamps & Stories

7. Dinghy Management

8 & 9. Ferns of the Vicinity of New York; Big Trees of Pennsylvania in 1972

10. The Composting of Municipal Solid Wastes in the United States

11 & 12. Sex Among Barmaids and Their CustomersRonald Reagan: a Man True to His Word

13. Atlanta: Move Over Big Apple

14 & 15. Teen Alcoholism; A Stress Analysis of a Strapless Evening Gown

16. How to Correct the Problem Horse

17 & 18. How to Talk to Birds; Defenseless America