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Shock Value

“Me and my middle brother in the 90s were diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome.”

(submitted by IG @actually_abby) 

Holiday Spirits

“My sister and me in the early 60s at my dad’s restaurant in Hawaii. It was probably Easter or Halloween or it could have been the Purge.”

(submitted by IG @sushipusha80) 

Grandpa Knows Best

“My grandpa and me. Cullera, Spain 2004.”

(submitted by IG @tonigr99) 

Easter Eyes

“Our sibling family photo from Easter, 1979.”

(submitted by IG @greaneyjessica) 

The AFP Portrait Studio

Visit our first photo studio in Toronto!


Berry Head

“Exhibit A that I was Strawberry Shortcake obsessed in the 80s.”

(submitted by IG @that_lewis_life) 

Is It Over Yet?

“My daughter’s 5th grade school photo.. She was not impressed.”

(submitted by IG @pcate_) 

The Party Animal

“My mother hired this critter to liven up my birthday party. 1986, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.”

(submitted by IG @glaumir_muraca) 

The Stand In

“Beijing, 1986. I really (really) wanted a dog as a kid, but we moved around a lot. After a particularly weepy episode, this was the next best thing my parents could do.”

(submitted by Nandita)


“For my preschool photo day, my mom made me a pair of airplane print zubaz to match my two-sizes-too-big sneakers. Gotta love that 1992 style.”

(submitted by IG @sparklemeat )