Parents Share Their Strangest Rules

Being a parent means creating a safe and healthy environment for your children, and then watching as they tear that environment apart in ways you could never predict. Recently, parents of Reddit shared rules they never imagined they’d need, much less have to enforce. These are the situations no parenting book can prepare you for.

  1. The future vet.

2. Slip ‘n’ Slide.

3. Butter isn’t safe.

4. PTSD for the lady in 4B.

5. The masochist.

6. Instant messenger.

7. The super-taster.

8. Slap happy.

9. A dog’s life.

10. Hide ‘N’ Seek.

11. The multi-tasker.

12. The future MMA star.

13. Fore!

14. Hopefully you can buff that out.

15. Vacation destination.

16. The nudist.

17. The jig is up.

18. Way too into The Walking Dead.

19. Liquidating the assets.

20. Your own personal safari.

21. It’s an exit. Not an entrance.

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