10+ Hilarious Parent Tweets About Their Kids

When parents hit up Twitter to tell the world about how their kids have made their lives a little bit worse, that makes the rest of us parents feel a little bit better. Yes, that also makes us a little bit terrible (just like the kids), but it’s usually hilarious because often these parents haven’t lost sight of the humor in their situations. Good on them! Sometimes kids need to be called out. And bravo for calling themselves out too on their #parentingfails. It’s refreshing to see that parent on Twitter hanging their head in shame. Oh the things kids say and do! And the stories that parents have to tell! Even in a short 140 characters we are gifted with great anecdotes.

Here are 15 parents who have had it up to HERE with their kids and needed to tell the world on Twitter.

1. Schooled By The Condescending Toddler

2. Surprise!

3. At Least He’s Honest

4. Real Gross.

5. Hand Towel Sadness

6. The Kid Ate 1/4 Of A Cake

7. Beer Me

8. Siri: Set Reminder To Hate Family

9. Classic

10. Garçon! Garçon!


11. Moms Can Be Really Inconsiderate

12. Better Than Drawing On Them?

13. Just. EW.

14. I Mean. He’s Not Wrong.