Paris Hilton Asked Twitter To ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ And You Better Believe They Did

If you’re on Twitter, then you know that people are all too happy to give you advice and/or explain things to you — regardless of whether you ask them to or not.

Paris Hilton recently opened up a whole can of worms on herself when she recently posted a glam shot accompanied by the (probably hypothetical) caption “Tell me something I don’t know.”

While Paris was probably just trying to find an appropriately ambiguous, Kardashian-esque caption to justify her glamour shot, Twitter was all too happy to oblige.

It wasn’t long before Paris was inundated with a bevy of new and occasionally useless information.

I mean, the list of factoids that Paris Hilton doesn’t know is probably too long to list (no offense, Paris). But, still! I think we all grew a little from this experience!

… Although I do hope that most of you already knew the Pythagorean Theorem.