People Are Sharing All The Disturbing Details You Missed In “Rudolph” As A Kid

1964’s Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is a Christmas classic that I’m sure every child over the last 50+ years has seen at least a few times. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you’ve at least heard the song. The thing is, through the lens of your adult lifeRudolph is a pretty messed-up movie. It’s colorful stop motion characters and whimsy can’t hide the darkness within. Twitter was quick to find everything wrong with Rudolph.

1. The Message Of The Entire Movie Is Kinda Dark

2. Santa Sucks Major Butt

3. Rudolph And The Reindeer Live In A Capitalist Hellscape

4. Seriously, What Was Wrong With The Doll?

5. There’s Yukon The Bearded Hipster

6. Dude Was A Big Idiot

7. Don’t Get Me Started With Coach Comet


8. Also, Donner Tried Living Vicariously Through His Son

9. Fireball Had No Room To Talk

10. But Maybe None Of The Reindeer, Rudolph Included, Were Sleigh Team Material

11. Then There’s The Biggest A-Hole Of All: Santa

12. Santa Can Shove It

13. Santa Takes Huge Advantage Of Rudolph

14. The Movie Should Have Ended This Way

15. Do I Mention Again How Much Santa Sucks?

16. Also They Killed A Bird

h/t: Huffington Post