Photographer Photoshops His Dog To Make Her As Big As She Thinks She Is

Ever meet a tiny dog that thinks she’s much bigger than she really is? Maybe she tangles with larger dogs on the reg, or she just thinks she’s the leader of the pack and all the humans are her followers. Surrealist photographer Mitch Boyer has a dog like that, named Vivian, and he used his photography skills to make Vivian’s self-image come to life. Check out this gallery of a gigantic Vivian in New York City. And to be clear: if you meet a dachshund that’s as big as a longhorn steer, it’s probably best to let her do what she wants.

1. First, meet Vivian (and Mitch), and see her actual size.

2. Here they are at the dog park. When you’re that big, everywhere is your dog park.

3. Should have bought a bigger couch.

4. She’s unbound by any fences, too.

5. I think they’ll make an exception for the “no pets on the subway” rule.

6. Brooklyn will never be the same.

7. “This boardwalk is mine now. Sorry/not sorry.”

8. He’s not even bothering with the leash. Understandable.