‘Pickiest Eaters Club’ Lets Moms Commiserate About Kids’ Eating Habits

As most parents can attest, the table is one of the main battlegrounds in the parent-child relationship. Some kids just refuse to eat certain things, often for the weirdest reasons, or even no reason at all. For example, if we were having applesauce, I needed it served in a separate dish. If applesauce were on my main plate, seeped over to my burger, and soaked into the bun, mealtime was OVER.

Parents can try negotiation, compromise, bribery, subterfuge, threats, or outright begging, but whatever the outcome, everyone’s stress level is going to be elevated. Thankfully, the blog Mommy Shorts is here to help. They asked parents to supply their kids’ oddest and most frustrating eating restrictions, and the results are hilarious.  If you’re a parent, or a child, or a former child, you’ll find something familiar here.

1. Unbreaded

2. Crust, crust everywhere

3. Is it still the other white meat? So confused.

4. Cob me, Mom.

5. Green bean inspector

6. The personal touch

7. Cold dog

8. The butter conjurer

9. Intact or NOTHING

10. QuesaDON’Ta

11. A paradox: is a toast still toast if it’s not visibly toasted?

12. “Soup without the soup” has to be a restaurant concept somewhere, right?

13. These parents were just trolling this kid with this activity.

14. Makes sense

15. Mmmm, pasta frosting