Stirrup Pants Are The Latest 80’s Reboot No One Asked For

From Top Gun to Murphy Brown, everything from the 1980’s is getting a reboot, and now, it’s time for stirrup pants. Buckle up.

Photo Credit: Thrifty Dreams

Depending on who you ask, the 80’s-tastic garment is either on the verge of a reboot, or the reboot is already well underway and you’re way behind. Whatever the case, stirrup pants have definitely been in the public consciousness more and more since the Fall 2016 fashion season, when brands like Balenciaga and Marni brought them to the catwalk.

Stirrup pants were never supposed to be fashionable, however. They began in the 19th century as jodhpurs, a type of horse riding pants that make it easier to slip on a pair of boots without a loose pant leg getting in the way. In the 1960’s, skiiers wore them for the same reason. The home fitness movement of the 1980’s brought stirrups to yet another generation, and it was the people of the 80’s who finally started wearing them for fun.

It’s hard to say why people fell in love with them, or why it’s happening again. Some feel that the slim-fitting pants accentuate the figure, while other think they’re the least-flattering pants available. Maybe it’s just because fashion is cyclical. It’s definitely not for utilitarian purposes, unless you really need a way to keep your heels from falling off:

Photo Credit: Fashion Quarterly

Fun fact: it took 11 hours to get those jeans on over the shoes, and they had to be surgically removed.

In 2018, stirrup pants are back, and there are more varieties than ever. Unlike the Spandex varieties of yesterdyear, which never really overcame the “athleisure” label, today’s stirrup pants can be dressy. You could wear these to the office and nobody would raise an eyebrow:

Photo Credit: Shop Bop

Herringbone not your thing? How about plaid?

Photo Credit: Bustle

This Balenciaga variety comes with zip-up pant legs.

Photo Credit: tommyton

If you’ve got about $800, you can get these stirrup pants from Fendi:

Photo Credit: Fendi

These babies would have been right at home in the 80’s:

Photo Credit: Etsy

Heck, even a pair of non-stirrup pants can be turned into stirrup pants with a couple straps:

Photo Credit: Fashion Magazine

It’s true, friends: we live in a golden age of stirrup pants. So the next time you get a non-stirruped pant leg stuck between the steps of an escalator, and they have to bring in the Jaws of Life to pry you out, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


h/t: Throwbacks