The 2017 New York City Taxi Drivers Calendar Is Here!

It turns out sexy calendars aren’t just for fire fighters. For the past five years, New York City taxi drivers have been stripping down for a pinup calendar that pokes fun at the traditional pin-up. And it’s even for a good cause. Proceeds from go to University Settlement, a settlement house on the Lower East Side that caters to immigrant and working families. The calendar has raised $50,000 to date.

The calendar began in 2012 when Phillip and Shannon Kirkman got some taxi-driving friends together and made a calendar as a gag gift for a friend. Word quickly spread among the taxi driving community, and the unsolicited submissions rolled in. Now, in addition to having fun and raising money, the calendar’s goal is to show a different side of taxi drivers people might not otherwise see.

You can order your copy here.

1.┬áBuckle up, ladies. No seriously, it’s the law.

2. Better not let those snap to, pal.

3. Gotta keep cool somehow.

4.┬áJust for you, he’ll waive the mandatory fee for a trip to La Guardia.

5. He’s hotter than a stalled L-Train car in July during a brownout.

6. The credit card reader might be out of order, but he isn’t.

7. Plenty of room in his trunk.

8. “I brought these from my gutters.”

9. He’ll take you up and away

10. The van cab seats 7, and they use ALL the room.