The Hairy Fairies

Heather Larkin is an Athens, Georgia-based portrait photographer whose business, Fairyography, caters to little girls’ dreams come true, dressing them like fairies and photographing them in ethereal settings. Last year, Heather spoofed her business on April Fool’s Day in a photo series she called Hairyographgy–pretty much the same idea as Fairyography, but swapping little girls for hairy adult men. Sure enough, when the Internet got wind of the joke project, Hairyography took on a life of its own. Heather reprised it for April Fool’s this year and compiled the best selections into a calendar, whose proceeds go to prostate cancer research.

Now, grab your beard oil and enjoy this gallery of whimsical, hirsute gentlemen below.

1. The Faun

2. Frozen

3. Book Of Love

4. Glitterbomb

5. Bubbles

6. The Gray Angel

7. The Snow Warrior

8. Birdman

9. Unicorn

10. Mer-man