The Search For The Hidden Tampons

Belinda Hankins is a blogger and mother of a 13-year-old girl. Her daughter had just reached an important milestone in a developing young woman’s life–the first time she had to navigate a confusing drug store layout to buy tampons. As women (and supportive husbands and boyfriends) know, drug stores are notorious for hiding tampons away in weird nooks and crannies. Belinda had to walk her daughter through an exhaustive tampon hunt until she finally found what she needed–in an unlabeled corner of the store, of course. She later shared their amazing text exchange on her Facebook page. Read the full conversation below:

1. We start in the thick of the search for the tampons. Belinda’s daughter is getting frustrated as Belinda tries to explain where they are. (And takes the opportunity to crack a joke no 13-year-old daughter wants to hear from Mom.)

2. Despair is setting in, and Belinda’s daughter is on the verge of giving up–much like in Lord of the Rings when Frodo collapses from exhaustion near the summit of Mount Doom. But just as faithful Sam Gamgee carried Frodo the rest of the way, Belinda cheers her daughter on.

3. Finally, success! Belinda’s daughter can’t believe tampons would be so hard to find, and they both share some laughs about why that might be.

4. After the jokes, which are top notch, Mom finds the teachable moment, about state of the world and the nature of the patriarchy.

5. Belinda’s daughter sounds well-equipped to deal with the BS. And with Mom’s request for a map to the tampon section!

6. Let’s take a closer look at just the map, because it is excellent:

We love a happy ending. And props to Belinda and her daughter for having what looks like the gold standard of mother-daughter relationships.