This Woman’s Text Pranks to Her Mom Are Hilarious

Here at AFP we love celebrating parents who prank their kids, but today the shoe is on the other foot. Liz Hammett has a loving Mom who sometimes tends to be gullible, a mischievous sense of humor, and seemingly inexhaustible appetite for messing with her mother. In a gallery of screenshotted text messages originally posted to her Facebook page, Hammett employs all manner of trickery to get her Mom’s goat, and we all benefit. Technology really does make everyone’s life better. Well, it might make things a bit worse for Mom, but she seems like a good sport about it.

1. Siren call

2. Wreath thief

3. The case of the missing punctuation mark

4. Gnome tampering

5. Authentication

6. Nothing happens in a vacuum

7. Se7en at Number 7!

8. What the fork?

9. And finally, payback

Well done, Mom.

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